Used Kong Dog Toy – Classic

“Your Pup’s New Favorite Distraction!”

The Kong Dog Toy is an innovative toy designed to mentally stimulate your pet and provide hours of fun and entertainment.

This product is highly-recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers because it’s unique shape enhances simple activities like playing fetch and feeding, and satisfies your dog’s instictual need to chew.

And because of it’s durable and soft rubber, used Kong Dog Toys can be safely used both indoors and outdoors, and on all types of terrain.

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About Kong Dog Toys

The Kong Dog Toy was created with your furry pal in mind. Made out of safe and soft rubber, this activity toy will provide unlimited playtime ideas for any breed, size or age. So when your pup needs something to keep them occupied and stimulated, look no further than the Kong dog toy – it’s sure to become their new favorite!

100% Safe

Made out of safe materials

Provides Play

Designed to hold attention

Relieves Anxiety

Good behavioral enrichment

USA Made

Manufactured in America

Elinates Bordem

Satisfies instictual need

Unlimted Fun

Indoor and Outdoor Play